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May - June 2015

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The Lighthouse

It knows no lands, no flags, no kings,
These are inconsequential things.
The one important thing tonight
That every seaman, black or white,
Who seeks a harbor sees a light.

We talk about world brotherhood,
But only here we make it good.
We go on building ships of war,
But God be praised, do one thing more;
We build a lighthouse on the shore.

The lighthouse has no special friends,
No special foes, when night descends.
In all the earth the only place,
Though statesmen talk and kings embrace,
Where man becomes one common race.

 -- Douglas Malloch in San Francisco Chronicle, 1934

Remember our veterans and the troops overseas!
God Bless America and keep our troops safe!


May, 2015
The merry month of May - spring is finally here.


at sunset

New England Lighthouse Lovers (NELL)

Is a New England based, not for profit, lighthouse organization dedicated to:
» Learning more about lighthouse and maritime history through educational meetings, programs and site visits.
» Raising funds to help preserve and restore New England lighthouses and other maritime sites and encourage volunteerism in the preservation and restoration process.
» Encouraging the appreciation of lighthouses in maritime history and how their representational models aid in the preservation of this history.

As an organization: our members come from the six New England States to as far SW as Hawaii and as far NW as Washington State, south to Texas and many states in between.
We schedule two weekend membership meetings a year, spring and fall, rotating the location within the 6 New England States. We hold a business meeting, have raffles, auctions, award door prizes, enjoy speakers and annually recognize a Ms. NELL and a Mr. NELL. The second day is devoted to visiting and enjoying area lighthouses and related maritime sites, traveling by land and sea and gaining access to many of the lighthouses and towers.

“Lighthouses, Hot Chocolate and You”, held every January, helps to break up the long winters and renew friendships. We visit several lighthouses in a chosen area, gaining access and climbing the towers in most, and then warm up with hot chocolate, cookies and brownies. Held rain or shine, sleet or snow - it brings out the boots, gloves and hardiness in all.

NELL members can also be found participating in lighthouse events and fundraising activities held by many other lighthouse groups in New England and beyond.

Membership is open to anyone ages 6 and up.

Please come and join the fun!